I have been recording podcasts on various subjects that I deal with and I will be placing them here for others to listen to:

  • Podcast 01 - "Micro-conversations - how to live drama-free" [14:27]
    Download: Podcast 01 mp3 [6.9 MB]
  • Podcast 02 - "Needs and Wants - how to get them met" [21:12]
    Download: Podcast 02 mp3 [10.2 MB]
  • Podcast 03 - "The components of a conversation" (coming soon)
  • Podcast 04 - "The myths of intimacy and how to actually create it" (coming soon)
The theme music from Brian's podcasts was provided by the talented and amazing Jack Alberson. Check out his music at: beheretinnitus.bandcamp.com