Welcome! My name is Brian L. Bloom and I am proud to offer my services as a relationship skills and life coach. Use the above links to see the different services and information I am providing.

Finding your spark

So what's up with your life?  Is it going the way you want?  The way you intended it?  Are your relationships amazing and fulfilling?  Do you have profoundly intimate and loving connections with all the important people in your life?  Do you wake up each morning excited to get your day started?


We have work to do!

Connection, Compassion, and Transformation

I have chosen a life of purpose based on those 3 intentions.  With me you'll experience a very different way of interacting.  My job isn't to tell you what to do or even to "fix" you.  Instead, you'll receive an honoring, but very committed, support for you exploring and then enacting the transformational changes you want to make in your own life.  I'm here to provide you the motivation, accountability, and guidance in doing so.  Doesn't everyone deserve their own cheerleader spurring them on?